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What to Look for in a Personal Injury Lawyer in Columbia SC


Looking for in a Personal Injury Lawyer in Columbia?

If you're injured, it's important to have the representation you need. Check out these tips to learn what to look for in a personal injury lawyer in Columbia SC.

Every year, up to 80 percent of people involved in court cases choose to represent themselves. Often the reason for not hiring a lawyer is that people can't afford representation. Without the aid of a personal injury lawyer in Columbia, most people heading to court will lose their case.

Thankfully, most personal injury lawyers will work on a contingency fee. They will only be paid if they're able to win a settlement for you. This means that almost every person with a serious personal injury case should be able to get adequate representation for their case.

If you or a loved one has been injured, you should hire a personal injury lawyer in Columbia, SC. If you don't know what to look for in a lawyer, be sure your attorney has these 7 qualities before you hire them.

1. They Should Have Experience

A personal injury attorney with several years of experience will have seen everything under the sun. They'll be able to look at your case and very quickly determine whether or not you have a strong case.

Lawyers who spend lots of time dealing with insurance companies will be able to help you navigate the choppy waters of going back and forth with them. While you might be personally overwhelmed by speaking with an insurance company, they won't try to intimidate a lawyer the way they might try to intimidate you.

Make sure your potential lawyer has years of experience specifically dealing with personal injury cases. They will be best equipped to make sure that you win your case.

2. They Should Have Good Reviews

You should be able to find lots of testimonials about your potential personal injury lawyer in Columbia. Check their website to see what they've posted. Of course, you'll be dealing with only the best on their site, so be sure to dig a little deeper.

Check out Google reviews, Yelp, and any directory of lawyers and law firms. If you suspect you're dealing with a high-volume, revolving door kind of firm, be wary of how many resources they'll devote to you.

If you've gotten a referral through friends or relatives, ask detailed questions about their experience.

3. Look For Successes

Your lawyer should have a strong record of successes. If they claim to have gotten huge settlements for a variety of cases, they should be listed on the Million Dollar Advocates Forum. Once lawyers have received multi-million dollar returns for clients, they'll be listed on this forum.

You should be able to find evidence for higher profile claims they've represented in the past. If your attorney is saying they've achieved something, double check online to make sure they're being straightforward.

4. They Need Resources

If you're aiming to work with a specific attorney or if you sit down with them, see how much time they'll be devoting to your case personally. If they say they're going to have their clerks or staff work on your case, you might not be getting your money's worth.

While great lawyers can hire a great staff, your lawyer should be upfront if they won't be getting their hands dirty on your case.

If you've been in an accident, ask about the kinds of expert witnesses they have access to. Your lawyer should be able to provide forensic scientists, medical specialists, and forensics experts to help make your case. The more prestigious the people they can get to appear, the more likely you'll win your case.

5. They Should Be Easy To Get Ahold Of

You should be able to speak to your attorney when you want to, point blank. If you call the number on their website and have a tough time getting through or scheduling a call, this should be a red flag.

Even if your attorney is busy, you should be told you'll receive a call back soon. You should get that call back before the day is over.

Can you contact their office any time of day, any time of the week? They should at least have an answering service to take your calls. If they value customer service, they should offer these features to their clients.

6. You Should Get A Free Consultation

It's customary for a personal injury lawyer in Columbia to offer a free consultation. Even if your first contact is just over the phone, you should be able to list the details of your case and get an idea of how strong your case is.

Ask in advance. If your law firm wants to charge a fee for your consultation, you should probably find a better law firm. If you have a case, they'll be making a significant amount of money so figuring out whether or not you have a case should be free.

7. You Should Feel A Rapport

When you're speaking with your attorney, you should get a sense that they're listening to you. They shouldn't seem distracted. In fact, you should feel like you'll get along.

You could conceivably be spending a considerable amount of time with this attorney, so you should feel comfortable being open and honest with them. If they spend the entire conversation using jargon and lingo they know is over your head, you should be able to ask them to explain.

If you can't communicate clearly and on an equal level, you might need to keep looking for a better lawyer.

A Personal Injury Lawyer in Columbia Should Be Fair

Your personal injury lawyer should make sure that you get a fair settlement, as you deserve. They should believe that your property and medical damages should be taken care of. A great attorney should have your interests in mind every time they step into the courtroom.

If you're ready to find a great personal injury attorney, contact us to find the perfect fit for your case.

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